LA Times: "Immigration legislation's prospects bleak after bitter budget fight"

by Joseph McKeown

Now that the government shutdown is over, the LA Times reports on the "bleak" prospects of Immigration reform:

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), who earlier this year had been working with lawmakers from both parties to write an immigration bill, said that President Obama’s refusal to negotiate with House Speaker John Boehner over funding the government and increasing the country’s borrowing limit made him unwilling to enter into talks over immigration.

The NY Times also reports on the difficulties Immigration reform now faces, since "many conservative Republicans are fuming with frustration over their meager gains from the two-week shutdown and turning their ire against Mr. Obama, saying he failed to negotiate with them."

New York Democratic Senator Charles E. Schumer, however, thinks Republicans might come around. He says: "'When the Republican polling numbers are at 20 percent, there’s a pretty strong argument to do something to get those poll numbers up, and immigration is a good way to do that...'”