NY Daily News: "Immigration reform activists vow to ramp up pressure on Congress to pass reform legislation"

by Joseph McKeown

Immigration reform activists say there will be an increase in civil disobediance actions in the coming weeks, reports the NY Daily News:

“We have been lied to by Republicans time and time again and I’ve come to believe that we need extreme measures for something to happen,” said Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab-American Association on New York, located in in Brooklyn, one of 211 people arrested during Washington’s actions last week. “This was my first time in jail but it may not be the last. Peaceful civil disobedience is what will make things move and there will be more such actions in the coming weeks here in New York and other cities.

Meanwhile, Obama heads toward deportation milestone--two million people deported since he took office. NBC Latino presents two conflicting views of this milestone.