My New Year’s Resolution

by DLG Staff

The ancient Babylonians at the start of their new year made promises to pay off debts and return borrowed farm equipment. The Romans made sacrifices and promises to the god Janus. The Puritans made vows to better themselves and avoid habitual sins. We asked the staff at the firm their new year’s resolution(s), a third of which will statistically be broken by the end of January. Here's what they said. - Joseph McKeown

Elizabeth Brettschneider, Attorney
Because I am planning to run the NYC Marathon again in 2014, I resolve to get back to my training schedule so I’ll be ready in time.

Matthew Bray, Attorney
Learn Italian.

Jonathan Blank, Paralegal
Take the LSAT. Attend a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

Protima Daryanani, Partner
Keep moving forward in all areas, but especially in regards to tennis.

Ashley Emerson, Attorney
Be more artistic. Become proficient in Spanish. Volunteer more.

Jacki Granet, Attorney
Explore New York. I live in SoHo/Nolita and work in the Meatpacking District so most of my time is spend in lower Manhattan. I would like branch out more as much as possible. I want to go to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Greenpoint, PS.1/MoMA in Queens, eat at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Queens, and walk around Prospect Park (when it’s warm!).

Matthew Innes, Paralegal
Read more poetry.

Jen Mecum, Law Clerk
See either one movie or one stage play each month until 2015. This is a difficult goal but it is a reminder to myself to allot personal time for things I enjoy that extend past the couch and Netflix.

Joseph McKeown, HR Manager/Blog Editor
Drink more top-shelf tequila.  

Manuel Otero, Partner
Spend more time with friends and family. Not riot when Uruguay wins the World Cup.

Lourdes Sierra, Bookkeeper
Spend more time with my granddaughter. Another is to take a well-deserved vacation. It has been more than four years since I have gone on a vacation.

Daniele Pinto, Paralegal
Say goodbye to my sedentary life. I need to get in the exercise habit and so my plan is to find time to start some kind of workout routine.