I Have a Spouse Who Is a US Citizen, L, E, J, or H-1B Visa Holder

by Elizabeth Brettschneider

Another possible option could come from the fact that they are the spouse of a foreign national with a certain visa status or married to an American. For instance, for foreign nationals married to an L, J, or E visa-holder, dependent spouses on the L-2, J-2, or E-2 could be eligible for employment authorization. They’d have to apply for an Employment Authorization Document through USCIS (which, at the time of this writing, is taking six months or more) but upon the granting of that document they’d be eligible to work for any employer. Currently, USCIS allows for some H-4 spouses to also apply for this Employment Authorization Document. This is something, however, that appears likely to change with the current administration. Of course, if a foreign national’s spouse is an American citizen then sponsorship by that spouse for lawful permanent residency is an option.

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