New York Times: “Supreme Court Turns Down Trump’s Appeal in ‘Dreamers’ Case”

by Joseph McKeown

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the administration’s appeal of a federal judge's injunction that halted Trump's decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. After President Trump announced last September his decision to end the DACA program, four states filed legal challenges to his decision. A federal judge in San Francisco, and, later in Brooklyn, ordered the administration to continue major parts of the program while the legal challenges moved forward. The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the government’s appeal at this time ensures that the DACA program will continue at least for a few months, and comes after senators failed to reach a deal addressing the DACA program and other immigration issues. 

In response to the decision, the Justice Department said it would continue to argue as the case proceeds through the courts. “While we were hopeful for a different outcome,” Devin M. O’Malley, a spokesman for the department, said in a statement, “the Supreme Court very rarely grants certiorari before judgment, though in our view it was warranted for the extraordinary injunction requiring the Department of Homeland Security to maintain DACA. We will continue to defend DHS’ lawful authority to wind down DACA in an orderly manner.”