Seated Ballerina

by Joseph McKeown

Seated Ballerina  by Jeff Koons

Seated Ballerina by Jeff Koons

Famed neo-pop artist Jeff Koons has a new piece in Rockefeller Center. The forty-five feet tall blonde inflatable ballerina, on display through June 2nd, is co-presented with Art Production Fund and Kiehl’s in order to raise awareness for National Missing Children’s Month. Koons says the installation is meant to convey a sense of inner strength and optimism, telling the New York Post: “I wanted something that anyone could look at and realize their own potential and dreams.” This ballerina is actually an oversized version of a sculpture from Koons’ “Antiquity” series that was inspired from a little Hungarian figurine he keeps in his home. The reflective metallic surface engages viewers by mirroring its surrounding environment. “I hope the installation of Seated Ballerina at Rockefeller Center offers a sense of affirmation and excitement to the viewer to reach their potential," Koons tells Artnet. "The aspect of reflectivity emulates life’s energy; it’s about contemplation and what it means to be a human being. It’s a very hopeful piece.”