Museum of Street Art at Bowery Hotel

by Joseph McKeown

The Museum of Street Art (MoSA) in the citizenM New York Bowery Hotel is a “love letter” to downtown Manhattan’s the Bowery and the Lower East Side. The museum, dedicated to featuring the work of prominent graffiti artists, features work by the 5 Pointz creates collective, a group of twenty artists who originally painted work on 5 Pointz, the iconic five-story, block-long building in Long Island City that graffiti artists around the world used as a canvas for twelve years, but which was demolished in November 2013. Marie Cecile Flageul, MoSA’s curator, described the wonderful feeling of these graffiti artists having a new home: “It’s kind of like symbolizing us being a little happy again. Because now we have a home here and we’re able to, you know, come back and share a passion for aerosol art.” Visitors to the museum must check in at the hotel lobby, are guided by an ambassador to the 20th floor via the elevator, and enter the emergency stairwell (aka the “museum”) to descend back down to the lobby. Entry to the museum is free, but reservations are required.