Future is Goddess

by Joseph McKeown

Victim  (2015) by Michela Martello.

Victim (2015) by Michela Martello.

Future is Goddess, a new exhibit at local gallery Pen + Brush, features the work of Italian-born artist Michela Martello. Her work is a blend of "strength and softness, of domesticity and demolition" and "takes a stand against the anxieties of 2017 and affirms women's power and potential in response to our current political and social uncertainty." The artist, who resides in Brooklyn, has a background in illustration and produces murals and artwork on textiles. This exhibit, an eight-year survey of her work, is an intentional play on the empowering phrase, the “Future is Female,” with the role of Goddess "signifying a transformative rise in feminine power[.]" Among other pieces, the exhibit features a site-specific graffiti mural on the gallery wall with three goddesses representing a mixing of cultural backgrounds, to which viewers are invited to interact by tagging. The exhibit is on view through April 22, 2017.