Come Closer and the View Gets Wider

by Joseph McKeown

Come Closer and the View Gets Wider by Rebecca Manson at Tribeca Park may look a little gray and severe. But the structure is intricately designed and made up of thousands of handmade, glazed porcelain parts joined together to make an eight-foot orb. To construct the piece, Manson created tiny porcelain sculptures, each a small bone-like shape, and fused them to the structure made of aluminum and epoxy. The piece “celebrates the idea that small things together amount to something impactful; a monument to collective consciousness.” Manson, who mostly works with ceramics, metal, plaster, and epoxy, says the piece fits perfectly at Tribeca Park. She tells the Tribeca Trib: “I loved the geometry of the space and the idea of this quiet oasis in the middle of this busy Downtown area.”