Chihuly at Botanical Gardens

by Joseph McKeown

Dale Chihuly,  Sapphire Star, 2010.

Dale Chihuly, Sapphire Star, 2010.

After more than ten years, renowned glass sculpting artist Dale Chihuly has returned to New York City with his exhibition of larger-than-life glass sculptures in New York’s Botanical Garden (NYBG). Chihuly has created more than twenty amazing hand-blown pieces that bring organic shapes and vibrant colors to the gardens, reflecting the contrast between both color and light and art and nature.  Some pieces have been designed for existing garden spaces, while others were created with the intention of adding new nature-inspired elements. “These glass works of art belong in the New York Botanical Garden in many ways," NYBC’s CEO Gregory Long tells Metro. "The beauty of nature here inspires artists of many kinds.” The exhibit also contains early drawings and sketches in the NYBC’s library, which give insight into Chihuly’s creative process and evolution. Visitors can even view this exhibition during NYBC’s night visit experiences. The exhibition will be at NYBC until the end of October, and I can't recommend it enough. I was truly dazzled by his artistry.