A Walk Through for Visa Applicants at the New US Embassy in London

by Joseph McKeown

The new US Embassy at 33 Nine Elms Lane in London opened for visa appointments earlier this month. Embassy staff helpfully shared a short video of a walk through for how a typical visa applicant will enter the Embassy to attend the appointment. After security at the South Pavilion, a separate structure on embassy grounds, visitors will walk to the main Embassy building, the most environmentally friendly and most secure US Embassy ever built. In the video, embassy staff remind visitors that while they can have a cell phone or small tablet, laptops and luggage are not permitted. Also, they say, don't forget your passport and confirmation page for the visa appointment as well as supporting documents. Inside the main building, after getting a ticket at the kiosk, visitors will take the elevator up to the waiting room where they will wait for their number to be called. When called, visitors will present their paperwork to consular officers at the (semi-private) teller windows. Oh yeah, one last thing: don't forget your passport!