Fata Morgana

by Joseph McKeown

Fata Morgana  by Teresita Fernández.

Fata Morgana by Teresita Fernández.

Madison Square Park has been transformed with the largest and most ambitious outdoor sculpture in the park to date. Fata Morgana, by New York-based artist Teresita Fernández, consists of 500 running feet of golden, mirror-polished discs that create canopies above the pathways (which, by the way, all lead to the newly renovated and re-opened Shake Shack). A "fata morgana" is a mirage seen above the horizon line, and this sculpture "perforated with intricate patterns reminiscent of foliage, will create abstract flickering effects as sunlight filters through the canopy, casting a golden glow across the expanse of the work, paths, and passersby." It really is quite lovely, and in the park until this winter.