Liz Brettschneider Has Been Made Partner!

by Joseph McKeown

Native Connecticutter, Girl Scout cookie-selling contest winner, captain of her college soccer team, four-time marathon runner, and volcano climber, Liz Brettschneider can now add another achievement to her life and career as a lawyer: partner at Daryanani Law Group. This achievement was the result of her many years of work as an immigration attorney here in New York City (and also helpful was her J.D. from the University of Connecticut School Of Law).

Liz wore her "partner sash" on her recent trip to Chile because she wanted  everyone  to know her good news!

Liz wore her "partner sash" on her recent trip to
Chile because she wanted everyone to know her good news!

"No one cares about her clients more or fights harder for her clients than Lizzie B," Protima said. "She's incredibly smart, a tremendously dedicated and hard worker, and I'm thrilled that she's now my partner. I'm still going to call her Lizzie B, which I know she loves secretly."

Liz's practice as an immigration attorney has focused primarily on business immigration and she has enjoyed working with corporate clients including many top fashion retailers, theaters, and film production companies in New York City and across the country. She also has extensive experience working with different human resources departments on worksite enforcement matters, including LCA compliance and H-1B site visits, and has handled a range of family-based immigration matters. Liz is also an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is a former Chair of the New York City Chapter's Executive Committee.

What does the new partner think?

"I've known Protima for a number of years and I couldn't be happier with this team," Liz said. "I've enjoyed working with everyone at D&B and I feel lucky to have a job that I love going to every morning. And as partner I'm now planning on making incredibly diva-like requests, so they better watch out!"

Congratulations, Liz!