BuzzFeed: "An American Guy Tries British 'Crisps' For First Time"

by Joseph McKeown

In an experiment that's sure to promote cross-cultural understanding and good relations, BuzzFeed Contributing Member Jay Maloney tried for the first time and reviewed a Walkers variety pack of British "crisps." He liked the Distinctively Salt & Vinegar ("THIS is what Salt and Vinegar should be. It puts domestic Lays Brand to shame quite honestly, with their use of what I assume to be white vinegar.") as well as Unmistakeably Cheese and Onion ("Holy moly guys") but not Famously Worcester Sauce ("an oddly chemical amalgamation of synthetic spice").

Others have reviewed crisps before (not a fan here and a big fan here though he stopped posting in 2013--hope he's okay). The Guardian took a trip to the biggest crisp factory in the world (belonging to Walkers) which "processes 800 tonnes of potatoes a day" and "has six, 200m-long production lines, each of which turns out three tonnes of crisps an hour." The quantity is necessary because, well, the British do eat a ton of crisps. For good reason, the Savoury Snacks Information Bureau says, as crisps are "'indisputably an integral part of the British culture.'" What about American chips? This might satisfy your curiosity.