Passports, Lost, Stolen, Drawn On

by Joseph McKeown

Metro reported on a story (which The NY Daily News picked up) about a four-year old boy who decided to use his father's Chinese passport as a drawing pad. Kotaku makes a compelling argument that the story is a hoax, but documents another more likely example of a kid coloring on a parent's passport. Whatever the authenticity of these stories, it's an important reminder, especially in these busy summer months of travel, for all to keep their passports safe and secure--both from children's hands when they have a crayon and potential thieves. For foreign nationals who have passports lost or stolen, the State Department has instructions (first noting that copies should be made of the passport, visa stamp, and I-94): file a police report; request a replacement I-94 if applicable; contact the appropriate country embassy for passport replacement; contact the US Embassy/Consulate where the visa stamp was issued to report it was stolen; and lastly, to apply for a replacement visa stamp.

UPDATE: Further confirmation that the story (though a good one) was a hoax.