The Guardian: "Immigration groups allege abuse of migrant minors by US border patrol"

by Joseph McKeown

As, a non-profit celebrating America's immigrant tradition (with such celebrity board members as Sally Field and Kenny G), initiates and celebrates "Immigrant Heritage Month" with some emotional videos (here and here), The Guardian and BuzzFeed report on the alleged abuse of migrant minors by the US and Customs Border Protection (CBP) border patrol. From The Guardian:

An alliance of immigration and civil rights organisations have filed a complaint to the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general on behalf of more than 100 unaccompanied migrant children, some as young as five, alleging abuse by US Customs and Border Protection, in a document which they say reflects a “humanitarian crisis” at the border.

The alleged abuse includes reports of verbal, sexual, and physical abuse, including long detention in squalid conditions, lack of food and water, denial of medical care, and a report of rape.

Again from The Guardian:

'Children are fleeing untenable conditions in their home countries, including pervasive violence and persecution, and are often re-victimized in transit to the United States,' said Joseph Anderson, the director of litigation for Americans for Immigrant Justice. 'We need to ensure that these children are treated with dignity and respect and afforded all applicable legal protections while they are in US custody.'

BuzzFeed reports on the allegations here, and also discusses the removal of the head of CBP internal affairs after it was revealed that 97% of reports of abuse received no action. Meanwhile the White House has called the dramatic increase in unaccompanied minors crossing the border an "'urgent humanitarian situation.'"