The Telegraph: "Nigella Lawson barred from boarding US-bound flight"

by Joseph McKeown

British author and television personality Nigella Lawson was not permitted to board a US-bound flight to LA, after having admitting to drug use during court testimony last year, the Telegraph reports. While a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesman declined to comment specifically regarding Ms. Lawson, a spokesman did say that "'foreigners who had admitted committing drugs offences in the US or another country were deemed to be liable to be refused admission.'" In this case, Ms. Lawson was never charged in the UK and had reportedly been allowed to enter the US even after the admission of drug use.

Matt Bray has discussed inadmissibility, visa issuance, and criminal waivers in the context of alcohol-related incidents, and the State Department also has information about ineligibilities and waivers. Regarding Ms. Lawson, writer Judith Woods calls the incident a "cheap shot" and to "please leave Nigella alone!"