THE WAll STREET JOURNAL: "For Small Firms, Visas Are a Big Headache"

by Joseph McKeown

The Wall Street Journal suggests H-1Bs are more difficult for smaller companies to obtain:

Kelsey Falter, founder of New York startup Poptip, says the headaches of immigration paperwork have put her venture in limbo.
Last year, Ms. Falter hired an Arizona-based software developer who had helped create a program that she used to get her startup—a website that analyzes real-time social media surveys—off the ground.
But there was a hitch: The developer, 25-year-old Rolando Fentanes, was a Mexican citizen who needed to apply for a separate immigration status before Ms. Falter could file the paperwork for an H-1B visa—a temporary work permit the U.S. issues to highly skilled foreign workers. That separate application wasn't approved until June, two months after the annual cap for H-1B visas was reached. Now, Ms. Falter and Mr. Fentanes will have to wait another year to apply.

Will the H-1B cap increase? Will April 1, the first day H-1B cap cases can be filed, become just an ordinary day at immigration law firms across the country? We await the results of immigration reform.

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